With built-in Currency Settings as well as Multi-Currencies settings, the world is truly your stage. More often than not, currency symbols widely accepted within a country only. For example, ‘RM’ Ringgit Malaysia used commonly in Malaysia and ‘$’ or ‘S$’ for Singapore dollar used often only within Singapore.

In order to facilitate international trade, MYR for Malaysian Ringgits and SGD for Singapore dollars. However, along for most of the country currency settings from Windows, these are not available. However, Grassland Invoicing has the feature to custom the currency symbol and apply it to all documents like Invoice, Credit Note, Quotation and Receipt.

To make Grassland Invoicing more attractive, now it come with the ability the issue these documents in different currencies. For example, by setting the exchange rate to your base currency, users able to issue the Invoice in USD and receiving payment USD or base currency, Grassland Invoicing handling these complexity and reduce hassle for you, dashboard and reports will instead showing you at base currency in which you only be interested.