Invoice is important for every business. It projects your company’s image, it provides key information to customer before they paying for your services and products. With this, Invoice has to be perfect or at least close to perfect.

GNey Software believes every business is unique especially when you just starting your business and forming or shaping your business. However, software system we usually come close more often than not for frequent changes. Just looking at how easy user can change template we can feel the difference. How many we have to learn to use the builder tool that are unfamiliar and complex? Even worst, some charges you for template changes. In the end, we resorted to use back our manual invoice tool, Microsoft Words, or other word similar solution.

This is the key reason why we spent every effort to make possible for you to create your perfect invoice. What can we expect if an invoicing solution does not create the invoice that you want? easily?

Grassland Invoicing makes the difference. Without builder or other tools, it allows your invoice template to be created using your favorite editor. Steep learning curve? No more! Now just open any of your manual Word invoice, change few keywords, import back to Grassland Invoicing. That’s it, you are done!

Oh wait! Maybe Mr Big Customer from Highly Profitable Inc. requires more attention? There is more to make a perfect invoice. Grassland Invoicing allow you to have chance to edit your invoice in your Word application then the changes can be stored into the system too. If you wish to keep them.

Sounds good? Oh, it’s free too!