Tax and Charges are complex. Different countries have different sets of taxes and charges, even different states or provinces have different rules and regulations.

In region that GNey based on, Singapore exercises GST 7%, it is also possible for business to have inclusive of GST. For more information, refer to IRAS: Invoicing Customers. On the other side of causeway, Malaysia is to implement GST soon as well the proposed rate would be 6%. As expected, company may choose to absorb the 6% GST when issuing Invoice, Credit Note to their customers. Furthermore, say in Restaurant, Food and Beverage industry usually charging 10% Service Charges in additional of the GST. Besides, the rounding principle, Malaysia’s BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) issues guideline for rounding.

If you are to delivery your goods, you may have additional delivery charges or surchange for other services and the list can go on and on.

Grassland Invoicing caters all this requirements, it is so flexible that you may even build your expression and formula for these charges